Sunday, January 30, 2011

How Much Is Paul Biya's Salary?

The salary of Paul Biya, the president of Cameroon, has been an eternal mystery. In spite of numerous calls that have been made for him to reveal what he earns, he has consistently remained silent. There is a tradition in Cameroon that workers hardly reveal how much money they are paid even to members of their families. This could be given as a reason why Paul Biya has not revealed how much his monthly or yearly salary is. However, given that Biya holds a prominent position that demands transparency, he must disclose how much money the state of Cameroon pays him in a month/year for the work he does for the country. This is especially important given that he has often been accused of variousl levels of financial impropriety. If he has nothing to hide, he must reveal his salary. In fact, even if he has nothing to hide, he must reveal his salary because Cameroonians have a right to know. This is the point to begin investigating all the financial improprieties of which he has been accused. He cannot be living extravagantly and unaccountably while most Cameroonians pine in penury.

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Anonymous said...

I think that as the president and political figure the salary of Paul Biya should be made aware. Especially with the accusations made against him on his use of the money. Not only does his position call upon him to have less privacy but also his spending habits are of importance to the country. Knowing his salary will allow Cameroon to spend more efficiently and know where there money is going. (AE)